HRH Sir Patrick Bijou Founder Of Empire Trust And Empire Motor Works

As Founder & Chairperson of Empire Trust, HE Sir Patrick Bijou offers an exceptional portfolio of opportunities for leading investors who have a thirst for $3m and above. H. E. Sir Patrick, The Empire of David, is a man driven by his passion to serve mankind, animals, and the environment we are entrusted to. As head of The Special Mission To End The Silent Genocide In Nigeria, Mr. Sir Patrick Boire has been instrumental in leading and funding that Special Mission, and the World Peace Tracts is thankful for his leadership and financial support, proclaimed World Peace Tracts founder, Yosef Yomtov.    Show Source Texts

His Excellency Sir Patrick, an investment banker and angel investor, is the co-founder and chairman of Empire Trust, the finance and investment arm of Empire of David, and is partnering with international investors in launching a new Israeli car production company boasting of a business model disruptive to the industry. Sir Patrick uses his varied expertise in the fields of business, finance, and investing to help others to grow their businesses, break through barriers holding them back, and build a trusted brand name for their brands.    Show Source Texts

HRH Sir Patrick Bijou video on Nigeria Genocide

He has supported and advised a number of successful startups, whilst managing two substantial funds. He has tailored financing and investments to diverse clients through his innovative and leading skills, including governments and financial institutions. His skills in financial architecture and creativity has led to his working with some of the best minds.    Show Source Texts

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