HRH Sir Patrick Bijou launches Empire Motorworks


Auto enthusiasts and aficionados the world over have something new to celebrate, Empire Motorworks has taken a big step forward in becoming a reality. “Your Car, Your Way” is the motto of Empire Motors which seeks to revolutionize the auto industry by changing the way everything is done, from auto design to after sales and everything in between.

Empire Motors has partnered with IPO expert firms to shepherd it through the process of launching an IPO. Chosen IPO expert firms are experts in USA and international SPACs and IPOs, partner IPO expert firms chosen also have a lot of experience and many connections in the automotive manufacturing industry space and are in the process of launching several Electric Car companies.

Empire Motors, with its new approach to the automotive manufacturing industry will seek joint ventures to acquire manufacturing partners and facilities in order to roll out its product line more quickly. His Excellency Sir Patrick, who is an investment banker and angel investor, is the co-founder and Chairman of Empire Trust, which is a financial and investment arm of the Empire of David, and is in the process of joining with international investors to launch a new Israeli automotive manufacturing company that boasts of an industry disruptive business model. “We will give our customers what they want, “Your car Your Way”, EmpireMotors, which is undergoing preparation for a SPAC IPO merger.

Sir Patrick, among all of his other duties, is leading a “Special Taskforce” to end the silent Nigerian genocide for World Peace Tracts, an international World Peace Diplomacy NGO with over 700 ambassadors worldwide.