HRH Sir Patrick Bijou on the need for African Unity

African Peoples Alliance

The future of Africa lies in its unity – this is according to HRH Sir Patrick Bijou, who has dedicated his life to working towards a better future for the continent. In this article, he shares his thoughts on why African unity is so important and what steps need to be taken to achieve it.

African Diaspora

“There can be no African unity without the African diaspora. The diaspora is an integral part of Africa, and its unity is essential to the continent’s future.

Sir Patrick BijouSir Patrick Bijou, is a Prince of the Empire of David and the Founder and Chairman of Empire Trust He is an investment banker and seed investor who has begun the process of establishing a bespoke design auto company called Empire Motorworks. The African diaspora is a global community of people of African descent. It includes the descendants of slaves who were forcibly removed from Africa, as well as those who left voluntarily in search of better economic opportunities.

The diaspora has always been a powerful force for change in Africa. Africans in the diaspora have played a significant role in the fight against colonialism and apartheid, and they continue to be involved in efforts to promote democracy and human rights on the continent.

The diaspora also has a vital role to play in Africa’s economic development. Africans in the diaspora are among the continent’s most educated and skilled citizens, and they can provide much-needed expertise and investment capital.

African unity is essential for the continent to realize its full potential. The African diaspora must be fully engaged in this process, and its unity is essential to the success of Africa’s future.”

African Unity

H.E. Sir Patrick BijouSince the beginning of time, Africa has been a continent of great diversity. From the earliest civilizations to the modern day, Africa has always been a place of many cultures and traditions. However, in recent years there has been a growing movement towards African unity.

The idea of African unity is not new. In fact, it has been around for centuries. However, it has only been in recent years that it has begun to gain traction. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is the realization that Africa is stronger when it is united.

There are many benefits to African unity. Perhaps the most important one is that it would allow Africa to better address the challenges it faces. As a continent, Africa is faced with many challenges, including poverty, disease, and conflict. These are problems that can only be solved through cooperation and unity.

African unity would also allow the continent to speak with one voice on the world stage. Currently, Africa is often overlooked or ignored in international affairs. But if Africa were united, it would be impossible to ignore its collective voice.

Sir Patrick Bijou also sits on the board of directors of the Pan African Peoples Alliance African unity would promote peace and stability on the continent. In recent years, there have been a number of conflicts in Africa

World Peace

“The greatest need in the world today is for African Unity. If Africa were one country, it would be the most powerful nation on earth. It would have an economy larger than that of the United States and China combined, and a population greater than that of India. African unity would end the cycle of conflict and poverty that has plagued our continent for generations.”

HRH Sir Patrick Bijou is a member of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and he is also a leading advocate for African Unity. In this blog post, he discusses the need for African Unity in order to achieve lasting peace and prosperity on the continent.

Sir Patrick Bijou argues that Africa has all the resources necessary to be a prosperous continent, but that these resources are currently being wasted due to the lack of unity between African nations. He believes that if Africa were to unite, it would become a powerhouse on the global stage, and would finally be able to end the cycle of conflict and poverty that has plagued the continent for so long.

Sir Patrick’s argument is compelling, and it is clear that African Unity is a necessary step if we want to see lasting peace and prosperity in Africa.

 Chairman World Peace TractsAs a World Peace Ambassador and Chairman of World Peace Tracts, Sir Patrick is highly engauged in matters of peace and diplomacy worldwide. He is leading a taskforce to end the silent genocide in Nigeria and has enlisted the help of H.E. Don Gogrod, a career investigator and a World Peace Ambassador for World Peace Tracts

HRH Sir Patrick Bijou and the Kingdom of David

HRH Sir Patrick Bijou believes that African unity is the key to unlocking the continent’s potential. He argues that a strong, united Africa would be better able to address the challenges facing the continent, including poverty, disease, and conflict. Sir Patrick also believes that African unity would lead to greater economic opportunities for all Africans.

We can all come together as one family by the Kingdom of David and we have a way for everyone, great and small, rich or poor to become a subject of the Empire of David, said HRH Sir Patrick Bijou.

Citizenship can be obtained with an application form online and as little as one dollar to register and recieve a downloadable certificate with your name and registration number.

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