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Sir Patrick Bijou (born 1958) is a British investment banker, UN Ambassador and peace tract, senior sovereign judge of the International Court of Justice-ICC, fund manager, and published author. Sir Patrick Bijou is a British investment banker, Fund Manager, Philanthropist, Speaker, Venture Capitalist, and Author. With decades of experience in the field of investment banking, his Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is considered to be one of the leading experts on securities and investment fraud worldwide.    Show Source Texts

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijous background extends across the financial sector, from the early stage entrepreneur through high-net-worth private bank clients. As an expert on financial services as well as entrepreneur, his background has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and experience to perform a thorough review of investments and to identify discrepancies. Sir Patrick Bijou remains an adviser to governments, treasuries, World Bank, and institutional banks, and offers his advice and investment services for small-to-medium enterprises as well as for financing of large-scale projects. He has managed to combine all of these with current roles as fund manager at LWP Capital and ambassador at Peace Tracts Worldwide.    Show Source Texts

In 2015, he began working as a fund manager at LWP Capital, the firm that he founded, while simultaneously becoming an accomplished writer and editor. A registered private banker, analyst, Fund Manager, and Trader, he has worked with leading banks around the world including Wells Fargo Bank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole CIB, Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, and several others. He tailored financing and investments to various clients, including governments and financial institutions, through his innovative and leading skills.    Show Source Texts

In 2015, Sir Patrick Bijou was introduced to a European private banker, where he developed a relationship that saw him becoming fund manager for a further fund, which had five trading groups operating from five major banks. Two years later, he became a managing director at a Tiger fund, where he worked for four years.    Show Source Texts

One of his noteworthy achievements was the implementation of more than $1.3 billion of financing for public housing in The Bahamas, having gained extensive experience in venture capital and asset management. Sir Patrick Bijou has tailored funding and investments to a variety of different clients, including governments, banks, and financial institutions, and has implemented over $ 1.3 billion in financing for social housing in the Bahamas.    Show Source Texts

Sir Patrick uses his diverse set of business, finance, and investing experience to help others grow their businesses, overcome obstacles holding them back, and build a trusted brand name. Sir Patrick has demonstrated outstanding analytical skills in the field of international law, as well as providing advising opinions on legal and policy matters that are referred to him by United Nations bodies and other sanctioned organizations, during his career. Sir Patrick went on to achieve great success as an investment banker, receiving numerous awards during his distinguished career, such as multiple recipients, the Wells Fargo Banks “Valley of the Stars” Award.    Show Source Texts