HRH Sir Patrick Bijou, Money and the New World Order

HRHsirpatrickbijou Small 225x300 1Monetary pandemic, the changing new world order, digitalization and the Marshall Plan. This book will shed light on your understanding as it attempts to discuss the various pros and cons of money, the current banking and financial system, and the New World Order. He will try to explain how you can put this knowledge to good use and create an advantage over the game plan. It aims to describe why money matters, the nature and origin of money, the importance of cash, digitalization, and the frighteningly unsettling New World Order. A theory of money must answer three closely related questions. What is money? Where did it come from, how and why is it depreciating? It theoretically explores the answers given by mainstream social science traditions and details discoveries regarding money and the changing global economy. Read and discover the truth.